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Top 5 Best Drones Under $100 in 2020

Drones have emerged out as the most entertaining and fun loving toys these days. Either children or adults, all are a fan of drones. Here we are listing some of the budgeted drones under 100$.

All of these drones contain cameras through which you can shoot videos or take pictures when the drone is flying.

best selling drones under $100

6 Things To Consider While Buying Cheap & Affordable Drones

There are a lot of specifications that need to be considered in each drone. It is really very difficult to decide about which drone you should opt for so that it matches up with your expectations as well as your price range.

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Below here, there are a few recommendations for drones under 100$:

  1. Size

    Drones are available in various sizes. Their sizes range from a mini-car to the size of our two fingers. Its size represents its type and the purpose it can serve. Drones of a large size are better in speed, range, power and execution. But they do not fall in a budgeted price range. Also they are not easy to transport as easy the smaller drones are.

    Large drones are much hard to learn and control. If you don’t have an experience of handling drones, never opt of larger ones. For beginners it is easy to start with small sized drones.

  2. Frame
    X shaped frame is the most popular frame used in drones especially the one with four rotors. This form of frame does not block sight line even if you are placing your camera in middle. It has no problematic design and easy to balance.


  3. Flight time

    It refers to that time period for which the aircraft wills stay in air with one time battery charge. Its weight and battery play a crucial role in deciding the flight time of the gadget.

    For professionals who want to capture aerial videos or record lengthy videos, flight time is important to consider. You will feel yourself lucky if you get a drone with a flight time of 30 minutes or more. Drones with longer flight time are often expensive ones.

  4. Battery

    Lipo or the Lithium Ion Polymer has created many types of useful drones.  These batteries are usually light in weight and are compact. They contain more energy than the other devices. Gather a few facts about the different types of batteries available in the market before buying any one.

  5. Charging time

    Other than the flight time, charge time is also an important element to consider which is expected to be as low as it could be. Drones generally have a battery time ranging from 30 minutes to even 2 hours.

  6. Engines

    Drones should have powerful motors as they have to work at a quick speed. Redundancy is reduced as most of the copters are now having four rotors. The engines should stay long in air to provide reliable results.

For starters, drones under the range of 100$ and under 50$ would be best. Test it first, and then fly out. Here are the most popular drones lying under 100$:

Our list of Top 5 Drones Under $100

1. HUBSAN X4 H107C Drone

It is the best known drone under the price of 100$. It has a great UAV for an excellent flight. It has a 4 way control system with 4 channels and 6 axes. Camera has a 2MP, 720p recording capacity. You will not find SD card so you need to have it of your own.

Key Features

  • Ready for flight as and when it is out of its box.

  • 6-axis control system for flying.

  • Flip from 4 ways (backward, forward, right, left)

  • Expert and beginner flight modes.

  • Charging cable with USB mode

  • 4 channels

  • Battery of 3.7V 380 mAh LiPo

  • Battery with remote control system.

  • Rotor diameter of 2.17”/55 mm

  • Flight time is from 7 to 10mins

  • Charging time is from 20 to 30 mins

  • 4GHz frequency

  • 100m range

  • Camera of 2MP and 720p HD video recorder.

  • Available in many colors

  • Dimensions are 2.7×2.7×1 inch – 6.9×6.9×2.5 cm

  • Its weight is 35 g along battery

  • Recommended age of use is 14+

2. SYMA X5C-1 Upgraded Drone With Camera

SYMA X5C-1 has a HD camera with many amazing features as well. It has a remote controlling system of 4 channels with rotating blades. It is a wonderful option if you want to buy it for your children.

Key Features

  • A 360 degree key roll and a continuous role.

  • A 6- axis in built Gyroscope to hover into the sky with precision.

  • Uses the technology of spread spectrum for flying to the remote distances.

  • Well equipped with ultra HD camera

  • Various options of controlling for piloting it

  • 100X faster reaction speed than any other radio controlling device.

  • Model of X series
  • 30m range

  • A flight time of 7 minutes

  • 4 GHz frequency

  • Video resolution of 720p

  • 500mAh battery capacity

  • Charging time of 100 minutes

  • Comes in white colour

  • Recommended age of use is 14+

  • Has a weight of just 96g

  • Its dimensions are 12.2X12.2X3.1 inches – 31X31X8 cm

3. DBPOWER MJX X400W FPV RC Camera Drone

This is the absolute most demanding drone with an amazing price range with best highest ratings by its users. It is an affordable drone with best in class and latest technology. It contain live streaming through which you will stream through the remote using smart phones like androids or IOS.

This is a fun drone with excellent quality. It is the most recommended gadget by the customers. You can use it for various purposes like as a playing toy, a gift or for entertainment purposes.

Key Features

  • Life video with Wi-Fi camera

  • Return function with only one key

  • Headless mode with 6 axis Gyro RTF, 4 channel, and 2.4 GHz.

  • Headset of 3D VR

  • Drone weight is of 112G and drone size is of 30*30*7.5 cm

  • 7V 750 mAh Li-po battery
  • Charging time is of 120 minutes

  • Flying time is of 8 to 9 minutes

  • Has a controlling of about 100m

  • Can support android and IOS system on mobile devices

  • Shooting in real time with a headless mode

  • LED lightning looks beautiful during night

4. UDI 818A Drone With HD Camera

UDI 818A with 5 star ratings, is the latest addition in UDI 818A range. It comes with the accessories like a SD card, 2 chargers and battery. HD videos and pictures can be taken from front camera. It offers huge discount including shipping.

Key Features

  • Flight duration of 7 to 9 minutes.

  • Charging time is of 90 to 120 minutes

  • Instant 360 degrees roll with a roll button along with 4 channels

  • Controls for yaw, rolls and pitch

  • 2 joysticks to revolve the copter any where

  • HD camera

  • SD card

  • Right trigger to turn the signals off and on

  • HD camera facing forward
  • Easy and simple to use

  • 4 GHz frequency

  • 30fps frame rate

  • 720p video resolution

  • Lipo type battery

  • 500mAh battery capacity

  • Color is black

  • Weight is 346g

  • Recommended age is 14+

  • Dimensions are 13.8×13.4×2.2 inches – 35x34x5.5 cm

5. Holy Stone F181 HD Camera RC Quadcopter

It is the simplest handling drone and most favorite among the majority of the people. It is elegant, simple and well equipped with a high definition camera. It has all the special features that a perfect quadcopter drone must have.

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It is a fun object to play. The camera could record videos and take pictures with sound effects. Accessories like 2 charging USB cables, 2 batteries and a few screwdrivers are given along with the device.

Key Features

  • Has a return key and a security system to prevent from theft or getting lost

  • A 4 way (backward, forward, right, left) 360 degrees key

  • A continuous roll giving perfect action and fantastic performance

  • Has two copter batteries for a long life

  • Battery run for about 7 to 9 mins

  • Charging time is of 80 mins

  • Easy handling

  • Has an SD card with 2 GB memory

  • Captures videos at 30p and pictures of size 1280X720
  • Range of 50-100m

  • Frequency of 2.4 GHz

  • 1280p camera resolution

  • 20p video resolution

  • Frame rate of 30 fps

  • Battery type is lipo

  • Available in black color

  • Its weight is 397g

  • The recommended age of use is 14+

  • Its dimensions are 12.2X12.2X3.5 inches – 31X31X9 cm


For making this list of top 5 best drones under $100, we tested and reviewed more than 40 popular drones. Among these, we picked these 5 drones HUBSAN X4 H107C, SYMA X5C-1 upgraded version, DBPOWER MJX X400W, UDI 818A and Holy Stone F181 as best 5 on the basis of their flight time, material quality, battery power, user reviews, camera quality etc.

I personally recommend Hubson X4 H107C drone as I enjoy flying it myself and am using it from last 1 year. 

If you think that any other drone deserves to be in our list of best drones under $100, then please update us via commenting below.

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