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Top 5 Best Selling Vlogging Cameras under $200

best vlogging cameras under $200

5 Things You Must Check Before Buying Vlogging Camera Under $200

The best choice of an ideal vlogging camera depends upon its features, range and price. Before you invest in a camera, consider the following essentials during selection.

Image quality: You should go for a camera that has capability to record in full HD or if it can work up to a speed of 1080p so as to attain professionalism in work. But if the vlog channel emphasise more on style and beauty, science experiment or photography, food, etc. then it will demand a better video quality and so you should look for “Ultra HD” or 4K cameras.

Performance in low light: vloggers usually record indoors where there are no perfect lights. You need to have lightning equipment there which is especially designed for professionals. Also it is necessarily not sunny always when you are shooting outdoors.

Image stabilisation: most of the vloggers create movement inspired videos. So you surely need a camera that should support stabilisation of Optical images. You can easily improve shaky videos here.

Audio: if you want your viewers to spend a considerable time on your work, then make them hear your voice clearly. Go for a camera that will show high quality audio recording.

Flip screen: This feature keeps the camera handy by shooting videos of stunning quality.

I hope you already checked our list of best 5 vlogging cameras under $100. Here is a list of top 5 good, handheld, nifty and cheap vlogging cameras for 2017 under 200$ that will help you to record good videos and click images of good quality. Make your mind and choose your camera from the following choices.

Top 5 Cheap Vlogging Cameras Under $200 (Best Selling Cameras)

1) Canon Powershot SX140 IS

Key Features

This digital camera has a compact size with a zoom of 40X. It is the best option among cheap and good cameras.

These are cheaper than the Nikon’s series of L840. SX140 IS has an essential feature of manual focus but that is at the price of videos of low resolution. Also its performance in the low light is also not so good.

But despite of these shortcomings, it is counted among 5 best cameras below 200$, why? It is all because of the manual adjustment of camera focus which is not found among the cameras of such a low price range.

For those who want vlogging as a job to be done in part-time as a hobby and desire for a cheap and best camera, this can be a great option for them.

It can be used well in both outdoor and indoor shooting. Any type of blogs at you tube can also be created like prank videos, tutorials, interviews, lifestyle videos, commentary at video games, etc.

So buy your camera now and get ready to answer queries and giving reviews about this brilliant model with focus adjustable manually.



2) Nikon Coolpix L840

Key Features

The biggest competitor to the Fuji Films’ range of S8600 is the Nikon’s L840 model. It is a compact and small camera, and shoots a brilliant video even in dim light conditions.

It has almost no negative qualities. It is perfect for indoors shooting as recording is made in HD quality of 1080p speed. It has a Wi-Fi in built and a good flip screen.

Although manual focus is not present there, but its performance is perfect that adds up to its market value.

If you are working on you tube, its low light performance proves out to be an asset, but a liability as well as it works best under the ground as well as indoors.

But it is noisy when we are working outdoors because of the over exposure. Its best battery backup makes it the most demanding camera in this price range.



3) Fujifilm FinePix S8600 16 MP Digital Camera

Key Features

People who believe in the technology of Fujifilm are those who vlog indoors. Its 720p camera resembles to a DSLR.

It is a shoot and point camera that will not go beyond 720p resolution because of which it has a few buyers in the world.

This camera is usually compared HD Pro Webcam C920 which is irrelevant as there is a large difference between the two.

For a person who is non technical and wants to record videos for just product review without giving much dependence to a specific factor, he should go for S8600 which will satisfy his vlogging needs.

There are many vloggers who use it to film reviews of the products by just sitting before it and speaking, keeping product in their hand. But it does not have a flip screen and wireless sharing feature. However its long lasting battery life will make you feel really happy.



4) Nikon Cool Pix S6900 Digital Camera with 12x Optical Zoom

Key Features

Most of the travel and youtube vloggers prefer to purchase portable device. This camera could be the best choice for them as it is light in weight and its handling is also easy.

They ignore even most important features like dim light performance and OIS and prefer it because of its cheap rate and portability,

No doubt cannon is the leader of vlogging market but this time Nikon has presented an excellent model which is counted as the second most preferred camera under 200$.

It can shoot 1080p videos in full HD at a speed of 30fps. It has a god ISO which is rarely available in cameras of this range.the thing which makes it stand out of the crowd is its front microphone.

When the vloggers start to learn about this camera, they go to Amazon to buy it. But before that you need to consider a few more things i.e. the average battery backup.

So you need to invest more on a couple of batteries. It is the cheapest solution to all your problems. With this piece of camera you never have to worry about the technicalities while you are vlogging.



5) Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS with 12x Optical Zoom

Key Features

The ELPH has earned his place among the best cameras of point and shoot type lying under 200$. This is one of the most easy to handle camera in canon range.

Most of the famous vloggers prefer it. ELPH 330 was its first model that was launched in 2011. Since then vlogs involving lots of talking and walking have been created by the people.

It is a perfect choice for beginners and vlogs concerned with outdoor activities. Although the battery life is average, the video quality is superb i.e. 1080 p in full HD.

Most of the ELPH models have front models because of which it is preferred by most of the vloggers. But 360 HS does not have it at all.

Also its performance in dim light is not so great. But if we balance the positive and negative aspects of this model, it will still be counted among the best models of this price range.

Another thing to note is the format of generating videos. AVI technique is an ancient technique now days, whereas MP4 is working good.

It records in good quality MP4, making editing of videos easy in any type of editing program such as apple final cut pro and also in basic window movie maker.

The added feature of Wi-Fi makes it the best choice of the beginners.




Canon and Nikon are the best prize winners in this list of top vlogging cameras under 200$. Fujifilm is like an underdog here that creates good cameras because of their innovational work in this field.

We usually expect a Wi-Fi, 4k, front mic and a flip screen when we are talking about a small budgeted camera. But the most important thing that is sidelined is the audio recording.

During vlogging Audio is equally important as video and only Nikon S6900 has the feature of front microphone. So it is crucial getting a microphone among these five choices.

But then the question arises, that why don’t we buy the model that has the feature of inbuilt microphone? The answer to this is that manufacturers actually do not add the microphone, they just increase the rates and then sell it.

Also they add many of the useless features that automatically rise up the price. Beginners should know that for every problem there is a solution.

For low rating camcorders, it is best to purchase an external audio device and a microphone to solve this audio problem. Also you can add lightning setup kits for meeting your low lightning photography needs.

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