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Get a Free iPhone 12 Pro worth $999.00 in this contest

If owning the Apple iPhone has always been your dream, then today is your lucky day because you will like what you hear. We are delighted to have you take part in our iPhone 12 giveaway.

That is right!

We are not joking or wasting your time. This giveaway can come as a surprise for most of our readers. If you want to flaunt this fabulous Apple smartphone today, then here is your chance.

iPhone 12 Pro

Who does not want to take part in a giveaway when it comes to a stellar device like the iPhone 12 Pro? It comes with an MRP of more than $999. What is so unique about this sterling product, that people are so persistent about owning it.

For starters, it comes with a new refreshed look. The California maker has always impressed one and all with the looks of their devices. With this superb product, they have taken a step further.

The smartphone sees some new specifications infused into it. You have the A14 chip is something that can make the smartphone run at the same speed as the MacBook. Does it sound exciting and mystic?

iPhone 12 Pro Features

The iPhone 12 Pro comes with some sensational features. It comes with a splendid 6.1″ screen that includes a super retina. That provides you with sublime image quality as of now the segment has seen.

The smartphone has OLED displays that provide the viewer with excellent viewing experience. Its dual camera is also enhanced for higher picture and video quality. With the latest A14 chip, it makes the smartphone run on par with the Mac.

It can support the quicker 5G network. Yes, it is water-resistant too.
We have listed them below:

  • Refreshing new slim and sleek design.
  • Remarkable 6.1″ screen size for sublime images and videos.
  • Fabulous 5G support, a first of its kind for quick connectivity.
  • Eloquent colors of silver, graphite, gold, and a new blue model.
  • Outstanding edge to edge OLED display provide out of the world viewing experience.
  • Having a ceramic shield for an exceptional drop performance. (four times the regular)
  • Statuesque 12MP dual-lens camera that provides phenomenal pictures and images.
  • The mighty A14 chip that makes it top-notch.

The 5G support, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, though in its initial stages of development, has been incorporated in the smartphone. There is no denying that the device is genuinely superlative, and so is the price.

How to get the iPhone 12 Pro free?

Owning an iPhone 12 Pro for free is very much possible nowadays. All you have to do is participate in our limited time giveaway contest and try your luck.

There is nothing to lose and entering is as simple as two clicks. Fill the form below and perform optional steps to collect additional entries. The more entries you have the more is chances of winning.

Please make sure that the details you enter in the form are accurate.

Get a Free iPhone 12 Pro

Winner is Parth Shah

As a promotional offer Republic Lab is giving away free iPhone 12 Pro for limited time.

All winners will receive a iPhone 12 Pro worth $999.00

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How to know if you win?

  • The winner will be announced after the contest ends.
  • The winner will receive an email from us.
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  • The winner is also mentioned on the main giveaway page.

Not everybody has that kind of money with them. But you need just to take part in our giveaway to become a lucky winner of the iPhone 12 Pro.

Terms & Conditions

The given terms & conditions have to be agreed upon to participate in our giveaway.

  • Fill in the correct details from the beginning.
  • If your information is false, then you cannot win the competition.
  • You can earn more entries performing the tasks.
  • The product is shipped to all regions of the world. However, if we cannot ship to your address, we will send you an equivalent amount.
  • You will have to accept the terms and conditions to participate in the competition.
  • You can follow us on social media for the latest updates on the competition.
  • Please make sure that you complete all the entries to unlock the rest available.

These are the terms & conditions you need to follow to take part in the iPhone 12 Pro giveaway. A free iPhone 12 Pro sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? The smartphone is the perfect device for those who are not keen on using Pro camera features.

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