Top 15 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs 2020 - Buyer's Guide

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best ergonomic office chairs

Best Selling Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2020 (Top 15 List)

In this fast evolving world of competition and advancement, it has been a proven fact that people hardly get enough time to spend at their homes, taking care of themselves.

It is mandatory for us that we spend at least half of the day’s time in office, doing our job. If the office lacks in proper equipments and facilities for the employees, the employees start getting serious health issues.

Likewise, the decorum and the equipments of the offices are provided immense significance. Nowadays, almost all the equipments are chosen in a careful manner so as to ensure the employee’s comfort.

One such important item in the office is the ergonomic office chairs. As majority of the offices have turned out to be smart, which means they depend more on machine than manual labor, ergonomic office chairs are especially designed for such offices. They are the chairs used for the use of the offices having computer workstations.

These are specially designed office chairs that help in the reduction of pressures on the several nerves of the spinal cords, thereby limiting the chance of muscular and nerve diseases. Also they help in maintaining the correct body posture.

It aligns the forearms, wrists, lower back, neck and the head in the correct positions, thereby reducing back pain, work related musculoskeletal disorders and other such diseases. And if you just looking for a chair to relax, then consider one of the recliner chair from our list.

In this article, we will discuss about the top fifteen best ergonomic chairs in order to provide the readers with the accurate knowledge so that when they buy such chairs, it becomes easy for them to choose the correct one.

Top 15 Ergonomic Office Chairs (Recommended By Experts)

1) Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair ranks the first in our list for the top fifteen ergonomic office chairs, owing to the best features it possesses. This chair, designed by Bill Stumpf, was an immense success amongst the office goers. This chair helps in keeping you relaxed and focused by stimulating the oxygen and blood flow.

It has a unique human spine like design, attached at the back known as the exoskeleton. This exoskeleton moves along with the posture of the body, thereby helping to keep the body posture correct.

Key Features

It keeps the spine aligned and reduces the pressure in the lower back, thereby minimizing the lower back pain.

The covering of the chair is like human skin. It helps in the proper circulation of the air and oxygen, keeping you cool no matter for how long you sit.

Also all the ergonomic functions like minimizing spine compression and helping in reducing the loss of fluid from the discs have been very well maintained by this almost perfect ergonomic chair.


  • 12 years of Herman Miller warranty
  • Made with renewable energy and is 95% recyclable
  • The exoskeleton helps in reducing the muscle aches and work related issues by keeping the posture correct and reducing the pressures on the spine and lower back.
  • Stimulates blood and oxygen flow throughout the body.


  • As such there are no cons with this ergonomic office chair. But if at all there is a drawback, then it is its high price. But however, the price of this ergonomic chair is worth its features.

2) Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Steelcase Gesture chair has won numerous awards from the top medical institutions owing to the best office chair functions it provides. It is because of this reason that it ranks as the second best ergonomic office chair in our list.

Key Features

This office chair has been uniquely designed to adapt to the various positions of the body. It also accommodates all types of sizes and shapes, therefore can be also used as a comfy reading chair for affordable price.

Actually, these ergonomic office chairs use a unique LiveBack technology that copies the movements of necks and spines and adjusts to the postures of the body. The arm rest of the chair can be adjusted along with the various positions of the body.

Also according to your working table, the height of the chair can be adjusted and readjusted.

Thus, unlike the other office chairs, which provide little freedom to the various body movements and body postures, the Steelcase Gesture chair gives you complete freedom to move your body and align your body in any way you like.


  • Immense scope of adjustments
  • Arm rest can swivel up to an angle of 360 degrees, providing you the scope to align your arms in any way you like.
  • Adjustable height of the chair ensures a total comfort.
  • 100% Steelcase warranty


  • Not any major negative point other than its high price which in my opinion is quite deserving with the features and comforts this chair is offering.

3) Herman Miller Aeron Chair

This chair, designed by Bill Stumpf is considered to be the first ergonomic chair to have a woven seat and back design in place of soft foam cushions.

Key Features

The Aeron implies the biomorphic principles of the body on which it is based. It helps in the genuine reduction of the lower back pain.

The chair contains a head cushion and a high back that allow you to both rest your head and maintain the body posture at the same time.

Moreover this Aeron chair, also the one of best office chair has been constructed with the high technology mesh fabric. As a result of this, it does not look or work like other conventional office chairs.


  • Aeron technology makes it a first class product owing to the genuine reduction in the back pains as well as stress levels.
  • The head cushion and the high back maintain a proper posture.
  • The different sizes of Aeron are available, making the chair accessible to a wide crowd.
  • 12 years warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Size charts for Aeron office chair are not always accurate.

4) Haworth Zody Chair

The famous Haworth Zody chair has acquired the certificate as well as recommendation from the American Physiotherapy centre.

As can be observed from the design of this ergonomic office chair, this chair provides more importance to the functions than to the forms.

Key Features

The design of this chair features a unique asymmetrical support system. This support system enables you to reduce the pressure and cure the problem residing in your lower back and neck. but

Also there is a pelvic pad attached to it that helps in the perfect alignment of your spinal cords and prevents diseases like slip disc and others.

If you want a reclining position, a different head rest is available with this chair.

The other standard adjustments of this chair are the adjustment of the armrest, especially its width and height and also the seat height and the tension of the chair.


  • The passive pelvic pad that helps in the proper alignment of the spine.
  • Adjustability of the height of the chair as also the height and the width of the arm rest.
  • 3-point tilt mechanism that it provides along with the multi positional back stop and the forward tilt.
  • It has a tremendously easy adjustability and can be fit into any room, be it office room or board room.


  • The arms slide and move very easily and may not stay in place if you bump them.

5) Steelcase Leap fabric Chair

The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair ranks the fifth in our list for the top fifteen best ergonomic office chairs. The TRP of this product is mainly the achievement of the best of qualities at a very reasonable price.

Key Features

The most important feature of this chair is the LiveBack technology that it uses.

This technology ensures that the chair will conform to the different positions that your body has a tendency to acquire.

By doing this, it reduces the pressure on the vulnerable points in your body like the spinal cord, the neck and the head.

It has come with a gliding technique that adjusts to your reclining, straight and relaxing positions. The attractive aspect about this chair is also its flexibility.

You can fully optimize each and every part of the chair according to your own benefit.

You can adjust the height and the width of the chair according to your body posture always.


  • Affordable price with great quality
  • The chair is made from recycled material and all of its parts are recyclable. This ensures a 99% environment friendly products and less disposing.
  • There are no emitting products used during the manufacture of this chair.
  • The flexibility and the adjustability of this chair is mindboggling.
  • LiveBack Technology makes it extremely comfortable. Further the gliding mechanism helps it to adapt the several body postures that you yield to.


  • Armrest Shifting - As many users like this highly adjustable armrest shifting features. But, few still find it complicated and consider it as a negative aspect.
  • High Pricing - However, this chair is amazingly comfortable. But, its kinda a one-time high investment.

6) Herman Miller Sayl Chair

The Sayl chair by Herman Miller is the brand’s first ergonomic office chair which is very much affordable. Sayl Chair is made of recycled material and comes in many different attractive colours.

Key Features

Herman Miller Sayl Chair has been armed with some of the best engineering skills. It has two different innovations mainly the Y-tower and the ArcSpan.

The former is the pseudo backbone of the chair and is located just like the backbone of the humans.

Its main function is to stretch the fabric and offer support simultaneously. The latter however is designed to maintain the shape and the posture of the body and keep the fabric in its proper place.

The design of this chair, inspired by the Golden Bridge of London helps to accommodate all types of body postures and ensures perfect comfort and freedom at the same time.


  • Unframed back helps in the proper passage of oxygen, making the chair breathable and helping in keeping you cool at your work.
  • 12 years warranty
  • Design of this chair helps in the accurate maintenance of the body posture and spine and neck alignment.
  • Extremely elegant from all positions.
  • Extremely affordable price makes it a universal favorite.


  • Arm rests may get eroded slightly with age
  • Being low in price, it does not ensure perfect quality. Majority of the adjustment techniques that are available in other high priced products are lacking here. Therefore this chair can be used for short term phase only.

7) Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Although the company of Serta is best known for its mattresses, it nonetheless has manufactured an ergonomic office chair that has indeed attracted our attention.

Key Features

Serta Mid-Back Office Chair has the design of some high brand cushioned ergo-layered body pillows that ensure total comfort and support.

The construction of this chair is indeed. It is constructed with an environment friendly leathers that is armed with BIM active lumbar pivot for lumbar support.

This lumbar support is needed when you move your body. The armrest is also padded in a comfortable way.

You can adjust the height of the armrest by the push up button. The tilt technology that it uses is used for the correction of the postures.

It makes your pelvis tilt when you tilt forward. Also it keeps the back in a neutral position preventing the buildup of pressure in the vulnerable points of the body.

Thus the reduction in the pressure formation prevents the transportation of fluids from the discs and helps in the continuation of the spinal movement.


  • High class environment friendly leather that provides a touch of some exclusive brands.
  • Soft pillows that ensure perfect comfort.
  • Tilt technology that keeps the posture of the body perfect.
  • Great adjustability that this chair provides especially in the padded arm rest.


  • Pneumatics are a little tall for people under five feet, four inches tall.
  • 1 Year warrantee only.

8) Alera Elusion Swivel Chair

Alera Elusion Swivel chair has been included in the list for the top fifteen best ergonomic office chairs, owing to the popularity amongst the customers. The ergonomic office chair has been reviewed in the positive notes specifically because to the price and the comfort that it provides at such a price.

Key Features

It has a design of a breathable fabric mesh at the back that helps to keep you cool during your work.

The best feature of this chair is its contoured seat cushion that has a waterfall edge and is armed with premium upholstery that minimizes the pressures on your legs.

The back of this chair is so supportive that it results in the proper maintenance of your posture and prevents lower back pain.

Moreover, despite being at a low price, this chair has the best features of the tilt technology and the adjustments of the width and the height of the arm rest.


  • Really affordable price with maximum comfort.
  • Fabrics mesh design helps to keep you cool.
  • Top quality adjustability offered in the arm rest.


  • Being low at price, it doesn't have some of the best adjustment technologies provided in the high class office chairs. However certainly, they provide the minimum adjustability required for the utmost comfort and support. Also the durability of the product is questionable.

9) White Ergonomic Leather Chair by GM Seating

The Ergohuman designed by Ergotech, includes a very unique style. The whole chair is made with luxurious leather having the qualities of ergonomics.

Key Features

The adjustments that it provides are the TRPs of this product and these adjustments include the tilt adjustment, seat adjustment, and the adjustment of the height and the angle of the headrest.

This chair is particularly good for the people suffering from neck pain.

The distinct design thus ensures both lumbar support and the proper adjustment of the body postures, particularly around the neck and the back.

The armrest has been designed in a 3D style that also features some of the best height and width adjustability.


  • Leather used in the manufacturing of this chair is of top quality, ensuring a very grand look.
  • Several adjustment facilities like tilt mechanism, seat adjustment and the headrest and the arm rest adjustment.
  • The unique lumbar support system
  • Perfect for people suffering from neck pain.


  • Only disadvantage about this product is that it is a bit costly. But the functions it provides are worth the price.

10) Mid-Back Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture

The Mid-Back Mesh chair is the well-reviewed chair accommodated in our best office chairs list.

Key Features

The chair has a well contoured mesh that contains all the ergonomically adjusted features and helps in keeping you cool.

Also the chair helps in the proper adjustment of the body posture.  The chair is fitted with sturdy wheels, five in number that helps in the proper gliding of the body.

Also the chair is extremely well made, especially for the people having a height of six inches.


  • Heavy nylon base that helps in the increase in the tensile strength.
  • Wheel facility.
  • Breathable mesh that helps in keeping you cool.
  • Extremely affordable price.


  • Only disadvantage of the product is that its durability is a bit questionable.

11) Ergohuman by Eurotech

The Ergohuman office chair, designed by Eurotech contains about eight different ergonomic adjustments that help to keep the spine and the neck in perfect alignment.

Key Features

The different adjustments that it provides are the adjustability of the back angle and height, the synchro tilt adjustment, the tilt lock technology, the tilt tension control, the arm height and the seat depth and height.

Also the headrest that is provided has the power to be moved up and down so that you can align your neck in different positions.

There is also a unique curvature that helps in the adjustment of the head and the neck.


  • Contoured adjustable lumbar support technology.
  • 8 types of ergonomic support that it provides.
  • There are pneumatic cylinders that helps in raising the chairs slowly but steadily.
  • Affordable price that contain such unique features.


  • Lots of customization features for users can be annoying for some users.

12) Balt Butterfly Executive Chair

The Balt Butterfly Executive Chair ranks 12th in our top fifteen list for the best ergonomic office chairs.

Key Features

It has a mesh back that helps in the proper passage of hair, thereby making you remain cool throughout your work.

Also the back is perfectly contoured that helps in keeping your body posture accurate.

It also provides a natural lumbar support. The curved head support helps in keeping the head perfectly aligned along with the position of the body.

The design throughout ensures utmost comfort and support. The arm rests are armed with pivots and can be adjusted in the height.


  • Design is very stylish and fashionable.
  • Mesh design makes it breathable and comfortable. Also tilt lock is available in three distinct positions.
  • Contoured design is perfect for the proper alignment of the body.
  • Adjustable armrests are the best TRPs.
  • Curved head rest is also very good for support.
  • Affordable price


  • Not much color options. Only available in black color.

13) Leaders Executive Office Chair

This chair has been designed by Duorest and is considered to be one of the best office chairs.

Key Features

The unique design of the chair enables a support in the neck and the back. The unique design of the chair includes two back rests that are fully adjustable.

As a result of this, the chair can fit people of any shape and size.

Moreover, you can also adjust seat height and tilt tension, tilt lock and height and width.

The chair is also armed with six legs wheels for durability. The ergonomic design of the chair indeed provides a very firm support in your back from all the way to the neck.


  • Dual back rest that provides complete support and is able to adjust any shape and size.
  • Several fine adjustments like tilt lock position and tilt height and width adjustments it provides.
  • Sturdy six wheel base.
  • Moderate and affordable price.


  • Armrests are fixed with screws for back and forward motion. Armrests can be moved up and downward only.

14) Viva Office Mesh Chair

The Viva Office Mesh chair is a unique blend of price, fashion and function.

Key Features

The mesh design of this chair at the back helps in making the chair breathable thereby keeping you cool and comfortable during your work.

There are pneumatic height adjustments and the armrests are also adjustable from the point of view of height.

Even there is adjustability in the head rest also so that you can align your body and head in whichever comfortable position you like.


  • Mesh back enhances the comfort quotient of the chair.
  • The chair provides wonderful tilt tension control and enables three vertical positions.
  • The chair also provides lumbar support.
  • The nylon base and nylon caster features in this chair with a capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Easy affordability.


  • Headrest can be annoying for some users as it makes them lean forward.
  • Seat cushion is not that soft.
  • Headrest may not fit properly to people with small height.

15) The walker Adjustable Office Chair

This chair has been designed by the Green Group and the chair is very handy which surly deserves to be in our list of best office chairs.

Key Features

It features a 360 degree swivel motion and has adjustable five wheel base.

It has been armed with a unique carve that supports the neck and avoids neck pain.

The headrest of this chair is also adjustable to a great extent.

The padded head rest, the arm rest and the lumbar support, all of them have the adjustable facility.


  • The premium quality mesh increases the comfort factor.
  • The swivel motion is very advantageous.
  • The adjustability of the height and the lumbar support.
  • Affordability of the chair.


  • Headrest can be annoying for smaller height users.