How Do You Become a Judge On MovieStarPlanet (MSP)

Tips to Become a Judge in MovieStarPlanet

Many players desire to become judge on MovieStarPlanet, because MovieStarPlanet judges have high voting power in the competitions. Judges can cast their vote according to whom they think the best performer. The main advantage of being judge is that you can disagree the decision of the jury members. In this way your vote counts more than theirs and it will be easier for you to select the best winner for the MovieStarPlanet competition.

Many people might be wondering how to get judge status. By purchasing VIP membership for a total of 180 days you will be given Judge voting status in Moviestarplanet. In order to get a ViP membership you need to pay $40. You can also use MSP hack tool to get more starcoins and diamonds to go forward in game with more points.

Many players can’t afford, so by following below guide you can get free VIP membership for MSP along with Judge status.

  • With the help of star coins you can get VIP membership. The best method for getting starcoins is to make movies or watch movies. Incase your movie is short, you get 10 Starcoins and if your movie is longer, you get 25 Starcoins.
  • Add VIPs and make sure they have animations so that you can use their animations.
  • Make people to watch your movies.
  • Watch other short movie to earn 10 Starcoins.
  • Make an interesting serious because people will be more interested in watching a series.
  • Make as many as friends possible. In order to be popular you have to be known by people, and the best way to do this is make friends and be nice.
  • Be good and compliment people, give them autographs, have a good attitude.
  • If you’re bad tempered and negative, you will be disliked and no one wants to be your friend.
  • By writing good comments on friends walls or supporting other people’s work you will be having a good reputation.

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