15 Different Types of Chairs and Their Uses

different types of chairs

You need them in your home, office and almost at every other place. They are the easiest items to rev up any dull space. Whether you want to eat, work or lounge, you need them. Well, you guessed it right! They are “Chairs”, and you really can’t do without them. After all, who isn’t a fan of chairs? They serve so many purposes and look uber cool too.

It may come as a surprise to many, but there are hundreds of options available when you search for the types of chairs based on your needs. From antique styles to modern and contemporary – there is a wide range of chairs that exists in the market in this day and age.

To help you understand the different chair options, we have created this easy yet pretty informational guide of different types of chairs that you can get today. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best chair options for your home, office or commercial establishment, then you are at the right place!

Read on to know about some of the most popular chairs and know what makes them unique and a must-have item based on their amazing uses.

1) Ergonomic Chair

3 ergonomic chairs are displayed

Chairs are not merely meant for sitting, some of them can even provide the much-needed support to your back. And an ergonomic chair is definitely one of them. In case you have got that chronic backache or are dealing with spinal problems, then you will be glad to use this types of chairs.

With features like adjustable headrest, height, and armrests, an ergonomic chair will help you get the right support to sit for long duration’s without affecting your posture. An added benefit of sitting in this chair is that it promotes blood circulation as well.

Needless to mention, ergonomic chairs are no longer a privilege. They have become a necessity. When you have the right ergonomic chair, you can bid goodbye to common muscle pains that often hit your neck or back.

So, invest in this chair if you sit for hours on end and want to take pressure off your back! Give your backbone some rest from that constant trouble that it had to bear by sitting on chairs that are not really supporting your lower back. And while you are at it, look for an ergonomic chair that comes with lumbar support and adjustment so that you don’t end up slouching.

massage chair best for relaxing

How wonderful it will be to find a seat that not only provides you comfort but also helps in relaxing your muscles. This is what a massage chair does. By correcting any muscle imbalance in your body, this chair types can also helps you in maintaining a good posture.

With its therapeutic strokes, this chair can incredibly relieve you of any pain and stress that your body may have. By using electronic vibrators and motors, this chair works wonders on the different parts of your body – strengthening the muscles and ligaments for a relaxed you.

While some massage chairs just come with simple electronic vibrators, some have a complex mechanism that gives a much more human-like massage. But all of them are intended to provide an easy option to unwind after a long, tiring day.

Before you spend your money on this kind of chair, do a thorough research on different varieties that are available. From massage chairs that use water to relax your muscles to others that use airbags – you can find them all. Just buy the one that focuses on your tension area and get the relief that you covet to have.

recliner chair best for comfort

Think of ultimate comfort while sitting and you think of a recliner. As its name goes, a recliner chair is basically an armchair that reclines. That means when you sit on this chair, it can be reclined by lowering its backrest and extending the footrest. With the advancement in technology, nowadays you can also get a power recliner chair that can leave you with that feel of luxury and comfort at the touch of a button.

There are various reasons for the rising demand and popularity of these chairs. While they offer good support to the back, they also provide excellent neck and lumbar support. Thus, for those who have medical problems or posture issues, a recliner can be absolutely worth it.

However, when it comes to finding the right recliner, it can be a bit overwhelming for some – thanks to the myriad options that are available. From recliners that can rock to those that can lift, swivel and even massage, you can find an extensive selection of recliners at present. So, if you are perplexed about choosing the right recliner that your home needs, consider the features you want it to have and then choose accordingly.

beach chair in blue color

As the name implies, a beach chair is meant for the beach. With its folding frame, this chair is easy to carry and lightweight. And not to forget its sturdiness which makes it the perfect companion to the beach!

Besides beach towels, sunscreen and umbrellas, having the right seating option with you can tremendously improve your time at the beach. So, if you are someone who loves spending time by the seaside, then you must get a high quality beach chair at the earliest.

Eames Lounge reading chair with ottoman

Those who love to read know the value of a comfortable place to pursue their passion. While you may think that reading could be done on any chair or even bed for that matter, avid readers will beg to differ.

A cozy reading corner can improve the reading experience by leaps and bounds. From outdoor loungers that let you enjoy your reading sessions while reclining to a high back chair that supports your shoulders and neck – there is a reading chair for every book lover out there.

All that you need to do is to explore the options and pick the right reading chair that helps you enjoy your love for books like never before!

What’s more? If you already have a library in place but need reading chairs that add to the feel and look of the library, then don’t stop yourself from doing so. Get the chair you want, grab a book and you will be all set for some quality time with yourself!

6) Rocking Chair

rocking chair made of premium wood

Alright, so this is a chair that you may have seen in several Hollywood movies! Just as its name says, a rocking chair is the one that rocks.

Also known as a rocker, this type of chairs is often made of wood, and it is one of those chairs that every home must have. Whether you have an elderly person living with you, a nursing mother or you are someone who just loves the idea of having a rocker to get that relaxation that the rocking motion provides – this chair is the perfect choice for more than one reason.

Apart from providing you sheer relaxation; this chair is often credited to put people to sleep – imagine the level of comfort that rocking offers! This chair adds not only to the beauty of the home that it is a part of but also provides a number of health benefits. From increasing blood flow to increasing the flexibility of the knees, rocking does all this and much more.

Thus, when you get a rocker for your place, you don’t just improve the aesthetics of your home but also make way for various health benefits.

7) Glider Chair

glider chair with ottoman

You now know what a rocker is. Add to it the functionality of moving like a swing and you will get a glider. So, if you want to move over the traditional rocker, then this is what you should get. Ever since its discovery, this chairs has been adorning homes for various reasons. From being an important part of a nursery to adding to the comfort level of a bedroom, a glider chair is made for several purposes.

Also known as a platform rocker, many homeowners choose this chair as an alternative to a porch swing. So, if you are looking for a chair that looks good and serves the purpose of a porch swing, then this is the one to go for.

8) Nursing Chair

nursing chair best for breast feeding

Every parent would understand the importance of nursing an infant comfortably. And that’s what a nursing chair does. Often these are accompanied by ottomans to help a nursing mother rest her feet properly.

Over the years, several features have been added to this chair types, so that both the baby and the mother can enjoy the nursing time.

No matter whether a baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, a nursing chair can provide the right support and help the parent and child to be comfortable, maintaining the right posture. On top of it, the rocking motion of a nursing chair also helps in calming a fussy baby and putting them to sleep.

Remember that your baby will not be this small forever. So, every parent is advised to enjoy the time they spend with their little ones and bond with them better by investing in a good nursing chair that makes nursing extremely easy as well as special.

9) High Chair

high chair for feeding babies

Just like nursing chairs are needed to feed infants, a high chair comes in handy when you have to feed older babies and even younger toddlers. As the name says, this chair is high enough to be at a considerable distance from the ground. This makes it easier for adults to feed the child.

It surely involves a lot of patience to teach your baby self-feeding and this chair can help you with it. Just look for a high chair that comes with a three or five-point harness mechanism to ensure your little one’s safety

10) Lounge Chair

lounge chair in red color

Unlike the recliner, this member of the chair family doesn’t recline but still provides absolute comfort to the user. This armless recliner often comes with an ottoman to increase the comfort factor. Meant for lounging and leisure, this chair types can either be placed inside the home or outside in the back yard or patio.

In fact, lounge chairs are commonly found around a swimming pool to relax before or after swimming and to aid the process of a suntan.

Also referred as the chaise lounge, inside the home this chair can be easily found in the bedroom to complement the bed or act as a special lounge area for that quick nap which you may don’t want to take on the bed itself.

11) Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair for proper back posture

Working on your computer or laptop for long hours can take a toll on your posture and overall health. To help you ease the discomfort associated with sitting for longer duration’s, a kneeling chair is there. Also called the medical chair, the height of a kneeling chair is adjustable which helps in the proper alignment of your body.

When it comes to the benefits of this chairs, there are many. First, it reduces the disc pressure in the lumbar region. It is also extremely beneficial to be used by those who suffer from a chronic backache.

The kneeling position also helps in maintaining a good posture as your hips come forward and are supported by a pad along with your thighs. As a matter of fact, with another pad supporting your knees and shins, you can enjoy a good position to stay upright for several hours.

12) Stacking Chair

stacking chair best for space space saving

One of the most affordable chairs, stacking chairs can be a boon for party lovers. Owing to their easy storage and the fact that they can be stacked, they are a favorite of mass gatherings.

Thus, apart from parties and get-together at homes, these chairs are perfect for meetings, conferences, and workshops at offices. Also, these chairs can be easily found in cafeterias, meeting the demands of those who seek comfort while eating.

13) Ball Chair

ball chair for ergonomics

The idea of a ball chair may sound intriguing to many but it is not new in the world of chairs. A ball chair works wonders in core strengthening. Talk of current trends, and you will find this chair with features like back support, etc. 

If you are a health freak, then this chair can be your ideal choice – thanks to its use as an exercise ball. So, go for it and get a stronger core with a healthy body that’s flexible too.

14) Saddle Chair

saddle chair for restaurants

If you are looking for a healthy seating option, then a saddle chair could put an end to your demand with the various health benefits that it offers.

Belonging to the family of ergonomic furniture, a saddle chair is what every office needs. Be it increasing the muscle strength, reducing back pain, preventing musculoskeletal disorder or improving the posture – a saddle chair can do it all.

15) Guest Chair

premium quality guest chair

For any office setup, having the right seating options for the guests is a must. This is where a guest chair comes into the picture. This types of chairs can be perfect for visitors in the workplace.

You can often find guest chairs placed in the reception area of an office. Although these are not adjustable, still they offer the much-required comfort to guests or visitors in an office. Many offices go for customized guest chairs that complement the overall office decor.

So, did you find the chair you need?

Believe it or not but chairs are an indispensable part of our lives. Whether you stay at home, work from home or go to the office, investing your money in a high-quality chair is a must. That’s because sitting down for prolonged periods of time can make your body go through a lot of stress and only a good chair can provide the respite it needs.

All these chairs that are mentioned above serve different purposes. But remember that these are just some of the chairs that exist in the market currently. There are many more chairs waiting for you to explore.

For now, look through the chairs mentioned above and find the types of chairs that your home or office needs the most. Hope this list provided you with the information you required about some of the most popular styles of chairs. Share this guide with others and spread the information.

Happy sitting!

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