12 Types of Office Chairs and Their Uses

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The need for that ‘right’ chair at the workplace can’t be contested. When you sit for long hours, you tend to slouch, sprain your neck, stress your back and do a lot of such things that could take a toll on your overall health.

So, if you thought that just a regular chair would be alright to sit on when you spend long hours at work, think again! Just as no two individuals are the same, there need for a chair are not the same either. Keeping that in mind, manufacturers have come up with special types of office chairs that can help you stay comfortable and maintain the perfect posture for a healthy you. 

Now, even though these chair types and names are assigned as per their uses at the workplace, that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them home. In fact, if you work from home or if you have a setup at home from where you extend support to your office team, then also it becomes important to invest your money in the right kind of office chair.

To help you understand the various kinds of these chairs, we have outlined the major types. Take a look at the list below and discover some of the best office chairs that are available these days!

1) Ergonomic Office Chair

3 ergonomic chairs are displayed

Do you have a back problem that doesn’t seem to subside? Do you work long hours every day sitting at one place? Well, if yes, then it’s time for you to get an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support. Rather than letting you slouch, the lumbar support helps in keeping your spine upright, without causing any discomfort.

An ergonomic seat is perfect for those who suffer from backaches or spine problems, as they are specially designed to provide support to the lower back. With features like adjustable armrests, height, and headrest together with the options of swivel and tilt, an ergonomic chair makes prolonged sitting easier.

Long days at work can lead to a sore neck, wrist as well as back problems. So, to avoid all such issues, it makes sense to get a chair that is designed in such a way that working on computer or laptop becomes comfortable. Besides improving the posture and helping you get rid of those terrible back and neck pains, such a chair can also improve blood flow and reduce the occurrences of conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

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2) Executive Office Chairs

executive chair in black color

No office can operate without this type of chair. As the name suggests, executive chairs are meant for use by the top executives at the workplace. Usually made up of premium quality materials, these chairs tend to provide extreme comfort and durability.

Features like lumbar support, high backrest, adjustable height and ample cushion may make these expensive but the functionality that these chairs offer outweigh their costs.

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3) Office Chairs for tall people

Chair for tall people

Not everyone can fit comfortably in a regular chair. Just like your body frame differs, the need to have a good chair also differs. People with taller frames may feel uncomfortable sitting in a small chair as it won’t support their body in the right manner.

And so, comes the need for office chairs for tall people. Also called ‘Big and Tall chairs’, these chairs are usually larger than average chairs and most of them are perfect for users who are up to 6’6” tall.

Thus, when adjustability becomes an issue, check the chair size and see if it is according to your height. Chairs for tall people typically have five casters to offer that extra support and movement that’s required for a much better seating option. Some of these chairs also have features like swivel, tilt and seat height adjustment.

Needless to mention, every office should get these types of office chairs to help tall people sit comfortably so that they can work much more productively.

4) Office Chairs for short people

amazon basics short chair

Just as regular chairs aren’t perfect for taller people, they don’t work well for short people either. And that’s why small framed people need office chairs that are meant for them. Such chairs are also known as ‘Petite Chairs’ and they are an ideal choice for the ergonomic needs of short people who sit while working for long durations.

Smaller, lightweight and made up of thinner fabric, these chairs can fit comfortably in smaller spaces. In fact, lifting and moving such chairs is also not a hassle. Look for a chair that has lower gas lift and a lower base to provide that added comfort that people with smaller body frame need.

5) Beam Seating

beam chair for offices

The term ‘Beam Seating’ may sound a bit fancy to some, but it is one of the most commonly found seating options at present. Put simply, beam seating is a chair in which one or more chairs are attached together on a horizontal metal bar which is under the seat.

From reception areas at offices to airports, hospitals and other commercial establishments – you can find beam seating primarily in waiting areas to help more people accommodate in a space. These are easy to maintain and cleaning them also doesn’t require a lot of efforts.

Available with or without armrests, beam seating helps in maintaining a cohesive look at the workplace. You can get these chairs in two, three and four person lengths, and in various styles and colors. As beam seating is designed in such a manner that it frees up maximum floor space, it is increasingly becoming the preferred seating option in workshops, meetings, training sessions and various other events.

6) Loveseats

loveseat chair best for couples

Are you wondering what a loveseat has to do in an office? Well, don’t go by its name! This amazing chair type is nothing but a small sofa or couch that can accommodate two people. With the rising demand for comfortable and creative office spaces, chairs like loveseats are making a great addition to offices. As a matter of fact, these are the right options for such offices that want something special to sit on during casual meetings, without taking a lot of space.

From seats that have button tufting to those that boast of stunning leather upholstery, you can pick the right loveseat for your office from the myriad options that are available today.

You can even place them in the reception, lounge or waiting area to get more room and comfort than what a typical chair offers. Just think beyond the conventional and get loveseats in beautiful colors to give your office a contemporary seating twist.

7) Ottomans

ottoman made of premium material

Ottomans have become a modern-day necessity – not just at homes but in offices too! These are usually low seats or footstools that have no arms and no back. If you give due priority to your employees’ comfort at the workplace, then make some space for ottomans.

While an ottoman can offer support to the feet when you are sitting in a chair, you can even use an ottoman as a separate seat if needed. Also, you can get ottomans that come with a storage option. Thus, this surely is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can act as an accent table, a storage option and an extra seating option, whenever required.

As it can be quickly accessed and easily moved from one place to another, having ottomans on the work floor or in the reception area is a wonderful idea.

8) Tablet Arm Chairs

Tablet Arm Chair with side pocket

These types of office chairs come with attached side desks. The side desk is often attached to one or both of the arms of the chair. Some tablet arm chairs come with a swivel tablet surface, making them a really comfortable option to have in libraries or reception areas at workplaces.

As the name suggests, the attached side desk makes a perfect writing surface which enables the use of tablets, laptops and other electronic devices with greatest ease. Perhaps, this is the reason why these chairs are highly demanded in educational institutions and workspaces which require frequent in-house training of their employees.

To help the user be comfortable apart from being productive at work, the side desks can be easily folded away when not in use – making it convenient for the user to move out from the chair. So, get these chairs if you have an office set-up where there is excessive use of electronic handheld devices. The productivity and comfort that they will bring in such a setting cannot really be provided by any other.

9) Armless Chairs

armless chair in blue color

As the name implies, an armless chair comes without any arm. And it is one of the most common styles of chairs you will find around you. Although not too high on the comfort factor, armless chairs are demanded because of the movement and flexibility that they provide.

These chairs are perfect for those who are mostly on the move within the office – be it to attend meetings or to train others. So, if you don’t have to work on computer for a long duration, then this is the chair you need. Even though your arms won’t get much support from using these chairs, they surely provide ergonomic support to the neck and lower back.

One of the biggest advantages of having these chairs is that they can be conveniently pushed under the work surface when you are away, nurturing a neat and tidy office environment. As most of these chairs can be stacked, they make a good option for cafeterias and auditoriums.

10) Folding Chairs

folding chair of premium quality

Make some way for portable chairs with the folding ones from the chair family. These are easy to stack, store and set up when needed and come in a wide variety too. From plastic folding chairs to metal chairs – you can get them all for use at your office.

The ease that they provide makes them ideal for portable seating during events that require flexible seating options. And as they take very little room when folded, they can be easily moved from one place to another. So, in case you have an office event or banquet coming up, then get folding chairs without thinking twice!

11) Stacking Chairs

stacking chair best for space space saving

Another space-saving alternative from the world of chairs, stacking chairs are extremely portable and lightweight. These features make them an ideal option for seating arrangements during office functions. As they are easy to store and easy to use, stacking chairs have become a preferred seating option for large gatherings.

In fact, these come in handy when it comes to accommodating more people at the last moment during meetings and other office gatherings. These are also highly preferred to accommodate people in cafeterias. Even though they don’t come with wheels, being lightweight makes them pretty mobile, and hence, one of the best types of office chairs.

12) Conference Chairs

conference chair for meetings

While attending meetings, the last thing you would want is an uncomfortable chair to sit on. To help you focus on the meeting agenda more than anything else, conference chairs are there – for when you are comfortable, you can concentrate better.

Also known as boardroom chairs, these are somewhat forward leaning to help the users stay attentive and engaged in the discussions.

Did you find your pick?

These were our top picks from some of the most commonly found office chairs. As we spend more and more time tied to our chairs, it makes sense to search for a comfortable and relaxing chair that provides advanced support and absolute convenience. Don’t you agree?

Choose the right chair and help your employees focus on their work better. After all, when your workforce will be comfortable, morale will increase and so will the business productivity!

Share this list with those who need some quick information about the various office chair types and names. And don’t forget to comment below and tell us the best chair you have used till date. You might put an end to somebody’s search for that perfect work chair!

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