How to Level Up Troops in Clash of Clans

how to level up troops in clash of clans game

Players who are addicted to the clash of clans always try hard to make their army strong to fight against opponents. One who has the best army can win the game and also has an option to get resources which will help them to build their village and make army strong.

Army of players work as the only asset who can help to win game and troops is an important part of an army. It’s very important to train troops so that they are able to fight and survive in attacks.

Every player needs barrack where they can create the best troop and lastly store them in army camp so that tough fight could be given to intruders. As said barracks are the most important requirement as it used to train troops.

Players who are worried regarding how to level up troops in the clash of clans must make sure to have enough elixir and gems (You can generate more Clash of Clans gems and elixirs from here the method is almost same as how to make roblox shirts but this one is little time consuming) that will also be very important for training troop. There are different troops which have their own skills and so while upgrading and using them one must consider all these attributes.

Quick Ways To Level Up Troops:

  • Players must place their barracks near army camps so that it can help to level up troops.
  • There are dark barracks which are mainly used for training dark elixir troops and so to level p these barracks must also be near camps and other barracks.
  • Laboratory forts in the clash of clans are also used to upgrade troops. Before hitting level 8 there is an option to upgrade these building which will indirectly help to make troop stronger. Players must have enough resources to buy laboratory that can help troops.

Players in all require upgrading their town hall which will indirectly help to level up troops. But to level up town hall, there is need of resources like gold, gems, and elixir. There is an option which can help to generate unlimited resources which is used to generate unlimited Gold and Power cores for Android and iOS as shown in the above tutorial video this can indirectly help to upgrade troops and make the strong army.

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