Things I Wish I Knew When I Started 'Injustice 2'

injustice 2 tips and tricks

Injustice 2 is undoubtedly a remarkable fighting game and also much better than its ancestor Injustice – Gods Among Us. Moreover, it has got so many hidden treasures kept inside and some of them are as follows –

  1. Win the Campaign Twice:

    I am not asking you to play it twice just because it is really an amazing game but because you can play it differently each time. You can choose different characters to fight a same battle for example Green Arroe versus Black Canary or Firestorm versus Blue Beetle etc. So, this can truly motivate you to play it twice; isn’t it?

  2. Earn Mother Boxes:

    Your efforts can earn you as many as 10 mother boxes per day based on your win rates. Each of your win will fetch you one gold box and if you lose you will end up having a bronze box. Anyways, something is better than nothing.

  3. You don’t need to save the Mother Boxes:

    Thankfully you don’t require saving the Mother Boxes because they get useless in subsequent levels. You can save the gold currency instead which might come handy anytime.

  4. You can have AI Battle in Multiverse:

    You can enjoy the AI fight against different opponents in Multiverse option. Although it is not as such interesting still you can try it in some occasions if you want. However, it could be a convenient way to gain easy XP.

  5. You can level up characters:

    Your goal in the game is to bring a character to level 20 within the shortest possible span. However, this requires rigorous efforts of nonstop play. But by purchasing Source Crystals you can easily level up the character and save a whole lot of time and efforts. However, that will cost you some real bucks.

  6. Hack Generator:

    It is must to have millions of gems and coins to upgrade characters, buy new characters, level up the characters etc. So, if you have the whole day to keep earning small amount of coins and gems by playing every level many times than go ahead. But if you are like me, who hate playing each stage again and again to generate the Injustice 2 resources than use this Injustice 2 hack to generator unlimited coins and gems for Injustice 2 game this works same as TF2 Amibot.

  7. Well understand the actual character power:

    Some characters are pretty straightforward while others are not that simple. Invest enough time to read them properly and identify when and how they can best be used. The characters are designed well, the graphics is outstanding just like the roblox. The cloths of characters in Injustice 2 is almost similar to the Roblox. But the only difference is as like in Roblox the cloths cant be modified by players in Injustice 2. If you are eager to know how to make a shirt in roblox then you must read our in-depth method to do it fast.

  8. Darkseid is really worth purchasing:

    Darkseid truly possesses some of the best traits such as his unique lasers and godlike stance. It is not quite certain as to how efficient a fighter he is but still he is quite attractive in his ways.

  9. Sell off your garbage items:

    As you keep on playing you will gradually rack up countless items many of which are of little or no use as such. So, you better sell them to earn credits which can fetch you useful loot boxes in need. However, you can retain some of them to make your character look smarter.

  10. Save the Regan Tokens:

    It is perhaps the best way to save the Regan tokens till level 20. It might be tempting to utilize them to level up, but believe me they can be used more effectively in subsequent stages.

  11. There are personalized ways of beating Brainiac:

    Finally, you get multiple alternatives at the end so far as beating Brainiac is concerned. You can try each one to enjoy the battle in different ways.

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