Injustice 2 Review - Everything You Want To Know About Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Game Review



Injustice 2 is indisputably one of the finest fighting games available at present. It is quite well put together so as to say and it is a real joy for DC fans or any fighting game lover in general. Besides the prominent characters like Superman and Batman, the rivals like Doctor Fate and Cheetah also stand out quite successfully.

Injustice 2 is the continuation of the storyline trailed behind in Injustice – Gods Among Us. However as I feel the challenge was to expanding the series without replicating the Superman versus Batman conflict. And that is why they have brought in Brainiac the new antagonist as a befitting enemy of Batman.

As you can notice there are two kinds of gamers. The first one is passionate about following every nook and corner and exploring all the learning curves in a game. The other one is just interested in smashing the buttons with their thumb as if in a killing spree. Fortunately Injustice 2 offers justice to both as it strikes a nice balance between these two types of gaming preferences. 

NeatherRealm the developer has worked wonder in capturing a great DC atmosphere and created a smashing way to victory through the Gotham streets and Metropolis. Moreover it must be admitted at the same time that the game is exceedingly efficient in terms of depth. There is lot more in this game to learn about and understand as to how all characters operate. If you take Cheetah for instance and depend on distance in order to trounce your opponent then you will not be able to get more. On the contrary you need get closer and use the speed and then only you will get to know what she is capable of.

There is also a unique “Gear System” which is added in the new sequel. Every battle you fight earns you something or the other – either strength, or health or may be newer ability. This also adds to the uniqueness of each combatant. If you want a special version of Superman as a king of abilities you can have that at least to some degree. Although I won’t say that the options are not countless still it is a nice way to indulge in customizing individual style. And same goes for the costumes as well which can be unlocked through this new system. It allows a character to become quite distinct as you are launching your own individuality onto them. The ideas of customizing the “ability” and the “costumes” surely add up some extra perks to Injustice 2 review and we did not have that in its predecessor.

Another interesting thing that I found is that nothing in Injustice 2 is totally different from what we had in the previous version. However a good number of new and fascinating features have been supplemented to make it a great fun to play. The idea is to satisfy the existing fans of “Injustice – Gods Among Us” and make the new sequel even more popular than its predecessor.

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