How To Get More Saws In Hay Day

How to get more saws in hay day game

Playing Hay Day makes you to get back to nature. This a strategic game where you will be adventuring simple life of farming and breeding chickens, pigs, cows and sheep. In this game, you will be harvesting crops and build sugar mills and dairies which turn your produce into wholesome goods and trade them with your friends at your own Farmer’s Market. With our Hay day hack, you can get more diamonds and coins free of cost to move forward in the game easily.

In this game trees and bushes will die and they can be removed with the help of saws and axes. Saw is used to cut down various trees like decorative trees and dead fruit trees in farm in order to remove them or expand the land. Saws in Hay Day will be available for everyone and below are few tips which helps you to get more Saws in Hay Day. Besides, if you want to level up fast in Hay day.

You can get more saws by harvesting crops, feeding pets, and by cutting down trees and bushes. Saws will also be available in roadside shops, you can even found them in Mystery Boxes and given as gifts by the visitors and also won during events. 

By gaining experience points you will be able to uncover a tool. Many times you can get saw by gaining XP’s. You need to harvest wheat to gain experience points fast and the more harvest you do the more likely you are to uncover a tool like the saw.

Hiring Tom is the best option to get more saws only thing you should do is to hire him to go on a run for you and find some. Tom will find the players who are selling the saw and other tools and will find best deal for you, which will be easy to buy them. In order to hire Tom you need to spend your diamonds on him for a couple of days.

The rate of increase in your item drops helps to bring you more saws and axes. You need to spend some time in your town and keep walking pets and feed them because fully dressed townies also gets bonus in which you may get saws.

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