How To Get Hammers in Hay Day

How To Get Hammers in Hay Day

Hay Day has came up with a new mode, and this is the biggest upgrade to date. In this new mode you will see that the preeminence expand from the rural surroundings of farms and lands to small town with buildings and a train station.

In this update, you will get new city and you can build various buildings and get advantages for each of them. In order to build beach cafe, the cinema, the gift shop and the Town Hall, you need supplies like hammers, which will be unlocked at level 34. Hammers are stored in the barn. Below you will be knowing about the way of getting hammers in Hay Day.

The definite way to get a hammer is to buy it with 10 Diamonds. You can get more diamonds and starcoins using Hay day hack tool.

At times you will be finding them in roadside shops for 1 to 342 coins per hammer.

Sometimes hammers can also be obtained through the mystery boxes and mystery packages.

By spinning the Wheel of Fortune, and if town visitor is fully satisfied or by using mystery nets in the fishing lakes or by winning prizes in derbies are few random methods where will get hammers.

How to Get More Diamonds and Coins?

By leveling you will few coins and diamonds. Sometimes diamonds are found randomly and there is chance of getting diamond in the wheel of fortune. Some times if your town visitors are satisfied they will gift you diamonds. 

In order to get money you need to go through your newspapers and other people’s newspapers for the construction equipment and saws, dynamite, and other goods and buy them. After buying them you need to sell them individually for good rate (180 – 220 coins a piece), therefore you must put an advertisement on the final one you lost, so that people will notice and see all of them.

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