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Augmented Reality Sneakers Are Officially a Thing Now

Before speaking anything on augmented reality sneakers it is worth knowing the basics of augmented reality mechanism. Augmented Reality shortly called AR is a relatively newer technology which offers its user a real time view of the surrounding environment augmented with a number of useful information related to the given environment.

The motive is to enhance the user’s perception about the surroundings through additional digital information which are not visible otherwise.  The information achieved through this system is highly useful to the relevant user for different purposes.

Augmented Reality Sneakers

This great technology has been utilized by different industries such as agriculture, entertainment, healthcare, robotics, engineering design, oil and gas, public safety and more. And most recently the sneaker manufacturer industry has also embraced it to give birth to its unique footwear.

Yes, the renowned Japanese footwear manufacturer Onitsuka Tiger tied up with Anrealage to construct world’s first AR based sneakers. The shoes named Anrealage Monte Z apparently look nothing more than a common sneakers until it is viewed through the AR app.

The shoe is made of simple leather and is devoid of any additional decoration. Hence it is not as such attractive with regards to look or fashion. But what makes it desirable is the AR technology incorporated in it. The sneakers are available in two variants in terms of design.

To enjoy the AR features you will have to download the requisite app in your smartphone first. Next you are to open the app and scan it onto the shoes exactly the way you take a picture. The Anrealage logo then pops out and a Japanese music will be played in the background.

You might have to make several attempts before the scan process is accomplished successfully. In fact the app requires a consistent pattern before triggering its function. Besides, it demands a considerable amount of space (around 300 MB) from your device storage.

Notably the technology is integrated only in the left sneaker and not in both. Moreover to ensure the features work properly the shoe must be kept clean and free from wrinkles all the time.

Honestly speaking the sneakers do not seem very efficient so far as the AR functionalities are concerned. Still it is not that bad as an innovative product.

And more importantly it certainly opens up a new horizon of possibilities for the other shoe manufacturers who will take inspiration from this invention and come up with similar products sooner or later.

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