Top 5 Best 300 Watt LED Grow Lights – Buyer’s Guide

Light Emitting Diode or LED is the current favourite of the twenty first century. These are types of lighting system that consume lesser energy and produce brighter lighting facility. As a result, they have gained immense popularity over time.

Best 300 watt led grow lights for plants

There are other aspects that have made the LEDs more famous than the fluorescent tubes. These are the positivity like the LEDs do not flicker and hence they do not need ballasts.

Also the less consumption of the power has already been told. Also there is an efficient cooling inside the LEDs so that there is lesser chance to get hot and burst. Also they do not need changing after a certain hour of time.

As a result they facilitate functioning over many more years. In our previous article about best 1000 Watt LED grow lights, here we are going to discuss about the top five 300 Watt LEDs, the rankings based on the reviewers’ guide. This article therefore will help the other customers to have detailed knowledge of the LEDs and hence they will buy them accordingly.

Thus, according to us the list of the top five LEDs are given below-

Best 300 Watt LED Grow Lights - Top 5

1. Advanced Platinum Series P900

This LED is a full spectrum LED light series that helps to keep your room totally lit and also provide necessary lighting facilities to the plants. They also help in reducing the heat generated by the bright lighting and thus keep your plant area cool.

This P900 offers some advanced technologies that help in providing three times more bright light than the other growing LEDs in the market. Some of the best features of the Advanced Platinum Series P900 are-

Key Features

  • This LED is facilitated with the 12 band light wavelength that includes all types including ultraviolet and infrared spectrums. It provides one of the most efficient spectral outputs.

  • The LED comes with a huge warranty of five years thus proving on its high quality and longevity.

  • The LED is also available in cooling fans and the aluminum cooling. The aluminum cooling lets the heats get absorbed, thereby keeping the lighting cool.


  • The huge warranty that it comes with.

  • The LEDs spectral output is huge, thus providing more lighting than most of the other growing LEDs.

  • This LED is facilitated by the manual adjustment of the intensity of the lower lights. Thus, at different stages of the growth of the plant, you can adjust the lighting accordingly.


  • The only negative aspect associated with it is that, it might not be available in other countries like India and China.

2. Advanced Platinum Series P600

The Advanced Platinum Series P600 has acquired the maximum votes for the best grow light because of its immense durability and high functioning. The basic features of this LED are:

Key Features

  • Two feet by five feet lighting area that provides bright lighting for a comparatively larger area of the room or at least five to ten plants.

  • This also comes with 12 band spectrum including infrared and ultraviolet spectrums that cannot be seen in empty eyes.

  • The LED is also available in cooling fans and the aluminum cooling. The aluminum cooling lets the heats get absorbed, thereby keeping the lighting cool.


  • The one main positive point is the huge warranty of five years.

  • The bright lighting along with the cooling system is very much good.

  • The LED facilitates huge energy saving of 800W HPS.


  • The cost is a bit higher than the other LEDs.

3. Galaxy Hydro LEDs

This company of LED lights has been inventing some of the best LEDs for decades. The LED is lightweight and easy to handle. Some of the remarkable features of the Galaxy Hydro LEDs are-

Key Features

  • These LEDs have remarkable span of life. They go a long away with the same type of functions.

  • The LEDs provide bright light, but the incredible heat dissipation system is its TRP. There are multiple small fans built in these LEDs, thereby facilitating proper cooling.

  • Also the lights come in three sizes, with multiple colours. The smallest is the 54W whereas the biggest is the 600 W. however the most famous of them is the 300W LED.


  • The two year warranty is a very big pro to be considered.

  • There is the facility of auto timer for easy scheduling.

  • The lighting is very good and bright.


  • These lights can be used only for indoor purposes.

  • Switching off is not manual. There is timer for that also.

  • The quality might vary.

4. Mars Hydro Reflector Series

The uniqueness of these LED series is what makes them get included in the list of the top five LED companies. Mars Hydro Reflector Series of LED has the name of satisfying their customers to the fullest as they incorporate all those features that they advertise about their LEDs.

Their incorporation of the name of Reflector comes from the fact they use a unique design of compact reflector that lead to a high PAR output. These reflectors are usually placed around each and every LED.

Moreover the seven years of LED manufacture experience has also made them one of the most reliable sources of LED manufacturers. Some of the best features of these LEDs are-

Key Features

  • Each of the LED lights of Mars Hydro Reflector Series have the facility of full spectrum of lighting with the inclusion of white, red and blue lights that aid both vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth.

  • The Reflector that has been placed around each and every LED lights result in a greater output with lesser energy consumption.

  • There are four distinct types of LEDs with different wattage and sizes. Thus variety is another of the feature of this LED lights.


  • The Mars Hydro Reflector series facilitates different types of combinations.

  • This company ensures the best quality of LEDs.

  • The reflector is a very unique feature that provides bright light with lesser energy consumption.


  • Though the company ensures full spectrum coverage, the LED does not include ultraviolet or infrared radiations.

  • The warranty period is very less, providing the warranty of three months only.

  • The cost of these LEDS is a bit higher. As a result, they are not easily available for each and every individual.

5. King Plus UFO Double Chips LED Light

The King Plus Double Chips LEDs have been incorporated in the list because of their innovative technologies. The innovative technologies provide the greatest of the facilities that include much brighter light emission with lesser consumption of power.

The most innovative technology they have used is the double cheap technology. This double technology is nothing but the incorporation of double LED chips that usually consist of two 5W LEDs. Thus with this, the output is much larger with lesser power consumption.

Some of the best features of these LED lights are-

Key Features

  • The full spectrum that they use is considered to be the best. This full spectrum includes all the red, white, infrared and ultraviolet bands.

  • The double chip technology ensures a great productivity.

  • The durability of the LED lights is ensured by the proper coverage of the LED lights with glass covers and then having few holes in them. The fan that is attached with these lights helps in dissipating the heat through these holes.

  • There are four different sizes of the product.


  • The double chip facility.

  • The full spectrum lighting that include red, yellow, blue, Infrared and ultraviolet rays.

  • The double Chips LED lights ensure a greater coverage with higher efficiency.

  • The thicker glass cases that ensure a proper coverage and durability.

  • The warranty is also huge, containing a span of three years.


  • The coverage area might be less than the advertised one.

  • Despite having an elaborate cooling facility, their nearness to the plants might burn them due to the extra bright light emission.

  • There is no facility of making a daisy chain with the multiple units.

LEDs are the best method of lighting not only your interior but also your garden because of the fact that they produce just the right amount of lighting with proper cooling facility. Even there are certain LEDs where there is the facility of manual controls for the emission of the light.

To choose best LED, you have to go through a detailed survey of the characteristics for the LEDs and their outputs.

As can be understood, the best LEDs are those that provide a larger output with lesser consumption of energy and hence money. However the basic things to be kept in mind while choosing a LED are –

  • The area that is required to be covered. You need to consider the area of the emission of the LED.

  • Phases of the plant growth are also very important while you are intending to buy LED.

  • Angle of the LED lens should be viewed properly as the wider angle would mean greater dispersion and hence greater coverage of the area.

  • Also try to maintain a budget and then buy the LED accordingly.

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